Examples of custom pieces can be found in the Things I’ve Made section. Commissions are open for any of my mediums. Pricing varies depending on scale and design. Here’s an idea of what to expect:

Tattoo design minimum cost: £40.00
Rug commission minimum cost: £80.00
A3 ballpoint pen drawing minimum cost: £150.00

Beaded necklace: £15.00-£25.00
Clay pendant/earrings: £20.00
Hand-painted tote bag: £40.00
Hand-painted shirt: £30.00
Hand-painted hoodie/sweater: £60.00-£80.00
Embroidered clothing minimum cost: £300.00

Pricing for all other commission types are dependent on inquiry.
I can make pretty much anything you ask for.
For any and all inquiries, please email me.
You can also DM me on Instagram, if you wish.

Email: ajroriginalart@gmail.com

Much more examples of my work can be found on Instagram: